The following is a list of things I use frequently in my everyday life. Modeled after Wes Bos’ uses


  • My daily programming workflow uses the iTerm2 terminal emulator with zsh/bash and Git. I just use the default color schemes.
  • I use Alfred 3 app on Mac as launcher. I have it mapped to ⌘+space. There are a ton of snippets and workflows that provide with shortcuts to apps below.
  • My most used editors are Vim(terminal or GUI) and Visual Studio Code (I switched after using Sublime Text for 6 years).
  • I use RSS to follow personal and tech blogs. I use Feedbin to sync all RSS feeds. I use NetNewsWire on Mac and iPhone to read the articles. I used to use the Reeder app on iPhone and Mac.
  • I am a big fan of Pinboard. Anything useful I like on web, Twitter and Reddit goes to Pinboard. I use the Pinner app on iPhone to access Pinboard bookmarks. I also use Shiori on Mac to access Pinboard bookmarks fast.
  • Speaking of Reddit I use the Apollo app on iPhone for browsing Reddit.
  • I use nvALT and 1Writer on iPhone on Mac(see here for my notes setup). I have tried to use Bear and other apps and end up come back to nvALT for its simplicity.
  • I use 1Password for password management. This has been my third year with them and I couldn’t be happier.
  • My backup strategy involves using Arq Backup for backing up the home folder on my computer to Bacblaze BC2.
  • Other apps on Mac: Spotify, GitHub Desktop, Dash, Marked, Steam.


  • A 2017 13 inch MacBook Air is my primary workstation.
  • I have an iPhone XR.