This site is made using Jekyll and hosted on Netlify. I was surprised to learn that Netlify has support for redirects. Here’s how you can configure it for Jekyll(or any static generator for that matter)

Step 1: Create a _redirects file in project root

Create a _redirects file in the project root. Populate it redirect url and the urls you want them to point to. For example I wanted to point /resume to /about

/resume  /about

You can also add comments using #

Step 2: Include _redirects in _config.yml

This is a Jekyll specific step. You will need to include _redirects in config.yml. In config.yml add an includes entry like so

include: [_redirects]

Step 3: Deploy to Netlify

Deploy your site to Netlify and you are done. If you enter <your_base_url>/resume you are redirected to <your_base_url>/about.